"Chloe can’t do leaps!

"Chloe isn’t flexible!

"Chloe can only do coupes!

"Chloe’s improv is just Abby choreography and repetitive!

"Chloe can’t do acro!”

"Chloe isn’t improving!"

Abby only gives Chloe bad choreography because it’s all she can do!


You don’t have to like Chloe and she doesn’t have to be your favorite, but that doesn’t mean you can degrade her and put her down just because of that. She, along with all of the girls on that show, is an amazing dancer with lots of talent!


this kid is perfect


this kid is perfect


christy with a y more like christy with a WHY

Anonymous said: how come when you gif it's usually only chloe

Because I’m just a Chloe blog, I’m not an all-girl blog. 

I mean, sometimes i gif the other girls, if it’s in my FDPE meme or if I get a request, but other than that I just gif Chloe.

But people can request anything or any girl for me to gif, it’s just if I’m doing it for fun then I’ll usually only do Chloe.

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"I didn’t understand what she was saying to me"

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Anonymous said: is moya her real name or

Yes, yes it is. And my name is Eric nice to meet you


but no, it isn’t, her name is Miya :DDDDD (or boss ass bitch whichever)

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Chloe Lukasiak in every episode (2/?)

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Anonymous said: sometimes your posts are so perfect it makes me want to cry


This makes me so happy thank you!

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