I’m sorry but if that was Christi that just said that instead of holly you all would be on her front porch with pitchforks right now.

Abby’s saying the girls weren’t “acting like the aldc is supposed to behave” because they were crying, ABBY YOU HAD MOTHERS PUNCHING EACH OTHER



i’m not a fan of the music but their dance was really pretty

ouch that looked like it hurt

Sarah looks really pretty

why do they always show abby and the moms during the performances we don’t care about their facial expression that probably didn’t even happen during that part of the dance

Christ-y is loud but she’s not wrong about the whole “putting one child up on a pedestal” thing

"Maddies about to cry, Chloe’s about to throw up"

that is not what dance is supposed to be

I don’t know about you all but I keep getting distracted by the purple hair

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